Individual Best Practice Documents

Documents of General Use
Recommandations pour une analyse objective des accumulations destabilisatrices d’armes conventionnelles
Best Practices for Effective Export Control Enforcement
Recommandations pour une mise en oeuvre efficace des obligations nationales de reporting
Bonnes pratiques pour le controle des transferts intangibles de technologie
Arms Transfers
Bonnes pratiques pour le controle des exportations des ALPC
Best Practices to Prevent Destabilising Transfers of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) through Air Transport
Recommandations pour le controle des exportations de MANPADS
Best Practice Guidelines on Subsequent Transfer (Re-Export) Controls for Conventional Weapons Systems contained in Appendix 3 to the WA Initial Elements
Statement of Understanding on Arms Brokerage
Best Practices for Effective Legislation on Arms Brokering
Elements for Controlling Transportation of Conventional Arms between Third Countries
Bonnes pratiques concernant le transit et le transbordement
Demilitarised Military Equipment
Best Practices for Export Controls / Disposal of Surplus or Demilitarised Military Equipment
Dual-Use Goods and Technologies
Criteres de selection
Best Practices regarding VSL Items
Best Practice Guidelines for the Licensing of Items on the Basic List and Sensitive List of Dual-Use Goods and Technologies
Clause attrape-tout. Biens a double usage non listes
Industry and Academia
Best Practice Guidelines on Internal Compliance Programmes for Dual-Use Goods and Technologies
List of Advisory Questions for Industry
End Use and End User Controls
Introduction aux certificats d’utilisation et d’utilisateurs finaux
Statement of Understanding on Implementation of End-Use Controls for Dual-Use Items
End-Use Assurances Commonly Used – Consolidated Indicative List
Applicant Countries
Guidelines for Applicant Countries